internal error 1355 module 19
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Jacobsz - Netherlands
2005-07-06 07:38:03 UTC
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Who knows what causes 'internal error 1355 module 19'?
Luc Van Dyck
2005-07-06 10:37:02 UTC
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Post by Jacobsz - Netherlands
Who knows what causes 'internal error 1355 module 19'?

I found following info in the Knowledge Base about this error:

<start quote>
The problem is solved in hotfix 23 for Navision 3.60 and hotfix 5 for
Navision 3.70.

Error Internal Error 1355 in Module 19
An internal error message (Error 1355 in Module 19) could occur in the
Navision client in several scenarios including:
· Performing lengthy database operations such as creating indexes
· Waiting for table locks placed by other users during normal database
This has been corrected
Service System reference: AU-614-161-9U2T
<end quote>

So you can try to use the fin.exe from hotfix 23 (this has version

Hope this helps.

Luc Van Dyck
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